Walkways & Bridges


Walkways and Bridges in Recycled Plastic

Boardwalk Section

1)     Our boardwalk section is supplied in recycled plastic. The normal section size is 3000mm long by 750mm wide. We can also supply handrails for the boardwalk section.



2)     Boardwalk installed on boggy damp ground 1m wide x 50m long



3)     Bridge unit installed over river 1.5m wide x 40m long c/w side protection post & railing

4)     Boardwalk installed over river 1.5m wide c/w side protection post & railing



5)     Boardwalk installed over narrow river c/w protection posts and rail 4 metres long over river point


6)     Boardwalk 2 metres wide installed near beach in soft ground c/w protection posts and rail 1000m long



7)     Boardwalk installed going over high-rise at beach. This unit has 7 steps built into the boardwalk c/w post rail.




The Versatile Walkway Panel

Walkway panels are a long lasting, low maintenance alternative to traditional materials used for walkway or platform construction.

They are ideal for jetties, boardwalks, decking, temporary floors, roof platforms, wet areas, attic or shed flooring, wash down bays, stairs, mats around swimming pools or machinery, etc. Thousands of dimples cover the entire top surface to prevent slips, even when barefoot.

  • More economical than alternatives over time
  • Impervious to corrosion, rot, mildew or insects
  • Friendly to aquatic environments – allow light, water and air through
  • Open slots help to minimise storm damage
  • Do not contain toxic chemicals
  • Moulded in one piece from UV-stabilised polypropylene resin for strength & durability
  • Unaffected by salt water and most chemicals
  • Quick to install, clip together in either direction
  • Recessed elongated screw holes moulded in
  • 15 year Structural Warranty


Steel Bridges are manufactured to a maximum 5 metre length and are suitable for use over dyke’s and minor rivers. A concrete plinth must be installed at each side of the bank, to stabilize the bridge unit. Recycled plastic is not suitable for this wide span.