Temporary Steel Barriers

Highway Safety Developments Ltd. supply a range of temporary steel safety barriers for hire and sale.


Vario-Guard is a flexible steel barrier ideal for permanent or temporary road applications. Widely used for protecting road work sites and in contra flow situations. It is very versatile and ideal for most road applications. It consists of 4m elements with a trapezoidal cross section with channels in the base to allow the flow of water under the system. Sloped sections are also supplied for the beginning and end of the barriers. It is built to have a very high containment capability and has been tested and approved to H2 ie, vehicles up to 13000kg impacting at 70km/h at a 20 degree angle.


Mini-Guard combines traffic separation with extraordinary optical guidance capabilities. The flat road base of the barrier is designed so that vehicles can drive over it, and in an impact, the vehicle’s own weight creates additional barrier stability. The barrier is very narrow with a width of only 200mm.

Road Safety Temporary Steel Barrier HireFor further information, please contact a member of our sales team