Kissing Gate

Ideal for walking routes, where large livestock must be fenced in and yet the flow of walkers is not interrupted.

Kissing Gate – Manufactured in aluminium or galvanised steel


– Comes in 2 parts with an option to bolt down or concrete in.

– Galvanised Steel unit is robust for areas where large farm animals would have contact or any area where vandalism may occur.

– Aluminium unit is light and easy to transport to remote locations.

– Livestock proof for farm boundaries.

– Safe for use in winter or summer.

– Can be manufactured to any size.

– Signage (route name/distance marker) can be applied direct to the unit

PAINT: Stove enamelled to your colour requirements. Maintenance FREE


Kissing Gate comes complete with Safety Lock

Comes with Safety Lock


Kissing Gate - Electric Fence or Wire Fittings

Kissing Gate Option for wire or electric fence fittings