This 50mm [2″] tape is available in rolls of 50Mtr in length in the following colours: white/grey, red or yellow. This is a single layer prismatic reflective tape with adhesive backing for safety marking of trucks and trailers with rigid surfaces. Certified for ECE 104 Class C, it has outstanding long distance night time visibility and doesn’t require any edge sealing when applying.

ECE 104

ECE 104 is the regulation outlining the technical requirements to approved retroreflective marking tapes for trucks and trailers in Europe.

Regulation 48

Regulation 48 specifies what colours and where the markings can be applied to vehicles. Yellow or white can be used on the side of vehicles and only red can be used on the rear of vehicles in Ireland.

Benefits of this product

  • Due to its polyester construction, there is no cracking.
  • This tape is easy to cut and apply.
  • Withstands power washing.
  • Expected performance life on a vehicle is up to 10 years.

Item Reference: FASCTWH = white/grey, FASCTRD = red, FASCTYW = yellow

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