Delineator Posts – Flexible

Roadside Verge delineator posts are manufactured from a flexible material and can be supplied with one or two reflectors.

For many years we have supplied white flexible delineator posts complete with white or red reflectors, single or double sided for use on roadside verges through-out Ireland.


Outside houses and premises close by the road, where there is a grass verge that may be damaged by passing traffic.

The roadside delineator also highlights an entrance and provides greater visibility of the entrance at night.

The delineator posts give verge side guidance at night with their reflectors.


The flexible verge delineator posts can be installed at 3 metre intervals. It is advisable that the following installation procedure is adhered to.

  1. Dig hole 350x350mm and 400mm deep.
  2. Stand the delineator post in the centre of the hole.
  3. Fill hole with concrete to 300mm and fill approx. 100mm with clay or loose gravel to allow the post to flex.

Item Reference:

  • Single sided FDP01
  • Double sided FDP02

Option for Tarmac or Concrete Roadside Verge Delineation

Alternatively, if you have a concrete or tarmac path, we can supply HSD Reflex post that are bolt down installation. These posts come complete with a reflective material for night time visibility….[Read more here]

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