Permanent Safety Barriers

Our permanent safety barriers are all made with the express interest of keeping the public safe on our roads.

We supply and install many different models of barriers, some of these are listed as follows.

Super-Rail is frequently used where space is limited, it is available in a double sided configuration with a with of only 880mm. Height can be adjusted to make room for places where the traffic lanes on either side are at different levels. It is typically used at black spots and other locations where roadside hazards exist. It can also be supplied with sloped sections for the beginning and end terminals.

Nature Rail combines the strength of steel with the beauty of wood for perfect integration into the scenery. The combination of robust steel construction with a wood cover satisfies the demands of containment level N2. The steel is galvanised and the wood is treated to give the barrier a long working life.

Bridge-Guard is designed to take the impact forces from an accident and avoid them being taken solely by the bridge structure.
The secret of the Bridge-Guard is the sliding plate, which is designed to act as a mini impact absorber which controls and limits lateral movement. The Bridge-Guard Senso is fitted with Image Sensors, a brand new and unique SGGT development which can automatically report any kind of impact and thus ensure extremely short reaction times by the emergency services.

Gate-Guard is a pivot-able restraint system used at central reserve crossings. It was developed to create easily accessible maintenance crossing points. It is the ideal solution for situations where carriageways must be kept fully open during peak traffic hours(day time) and then at low traffic times switched to contra flow situations. Gate Guard can be connected into any other barrier system. It is a very easy system to use, two people can open the gate with no special tools in less than 15 minutes.

Terminal End Sections: P2 and P4

Please contact us to arrange a site inspection to identify your barrier job requirements, from new install to repair and replacement, our team are happy to help with all your requirements.