Flexible Kerbing

A flexible and cost efficient application for narrow roads, build up pavements and extend roundabouts. Easy installation and can be shortened and/or manipulated on location. Vulcanized rubber is up to 200% elastic, enabling the kerbing to be bended up to 180 degrees without causing damage to its surface.

Flexible Kerbing is an alternative to concrete and used for temporary and permanent installation. This product is light weight and gently to tires. The Kerb is UV and heat resistant, with embedded reflecting stripes to maximise visibility.

Separation and Marking Kerbing

A robust product, rounded elements gladly used in a wide range of applications to separate, mark or protect objects.

Kerbs are made of recycled and vulcanized rubber and are clearly visible due to reflecting surfaces integrated retro-reflex bands. Quick and easy to assemble.

Parking Space Stoppers

Used to prevent collision damage to vehicles as well as to walls, fences or other parked cars.

Shock absorbent, weather-resistant and quick and easy to assemble, the length can be set to requirement. Gluing fixing is also possible, as well as additionally to screw fixings.

Guide Barrier

Permanent installation on roads and motorways.
Temporary installation for construction zones on roads and motorways.
Road Blockings in traffic.
Traffic diversions and by-passes.
Narrowing of carriage ways.
Permanent or temporary lane separation.

Made of recycling material.
Connection: without separate connection parts, male-female system, radius of 6° possible.
Road adherence: through rubber knobs on the bottom side.
Fixation with pin set recommended, when installed permanently.
Guide barrier, delineators and reflectors have been tested on 08.08.1994 according to TL-94/97. The BAST test report is available on request.

  • Guide Barrier 988 x 242 x 80 mm
  • Endpiece 800 x 242 x 80 mm
  • Angle element: 550 x 242 x 80 mm
  • Connection adapter for other systems: 800 x 242 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 17kg