The musoir has been specially designed to alert motorists of upcoming road intersections and slip roads, per European network requirements

  • The Musoir is manufactured from a UV Stabilised Polyethylene which makes it extremely strong and robust
  • Available in a Small and Large size
  • The Musoir incorporated Class Ref. 1 or Class Ref. 2 Reflective Arrows
  • Musoirs come in two standard colours, green & blue for both national and motorways routes
  • Musoir can be fixed in place using anchor bolts or it can be partially filled with water
  • It can also be used for storing bags of salt or grit if required
  • The maximum weight of the Large Musoir is 55kg
  • The maximum weight of the Small Musoir is 25kg
  • Both Musoirs can also be manufactured from Affinity Grade PE – a flexible plastic.