Speed Control Ramp, Cushion, Mini Roundabout

1.  Speed Control Ramps – Black and Yellow

Speed control ramps are available in 50mm and 75mm heights and come in Black and yellow sections, complete with reflectors.

8 bolts per Metre provide a secure fixing. When installing onto tarmacadam an adhesive is used to keep in place. The ramps are also suitable for concrete.

Signage [Speed Ramps Ahead] also manufactured to customer requirements. We provide an installation service.


2.  Speed Control Ramps – Black

Durable and long-lasting, made of fully vulcanized recycled rubber. Suitable for tarmacadam or concrete. Noise absorbing material -silent when being driven over.

Clearly visible, retro-reflecting parts ensure an ideal contrast and increase attention even at night in bad lightning conditions.

Light weight product with low maintenance cost. Quick and easy to install. Products are easy to relocate, temporary application is possible.



3.  Mini – Roundabout

Durable and long-lasting, made with fully vulcanized reinforced rubber. Consists of 8 ramp-like formed elements. quick and easy to assemble. 3m in diameter.

Larger vehicles can easily cross, silent when being driven over.

Clearly visible day and night and in bad conditions due to the large reflecting surfaces and additional glass reflectors. No damage to vehicle crossing over it.



4.  Speed Control cushion

Durable and long-lasting, made with fully vulcanized reinforced rubber. Profound borders, edges and anchorage to avoid fatigue and break. Surface structure has a grip similar to asphalt.

Heat and UV resistant, performs excellent in cold and snowy weather also. Silent when being driven over, noise-absorbing. Suitable even for 50km/h areas because of the soft and flat ramp design, cars cross at an average speed of 30 km/h.

Clearly visible due to the large reflecting surfaces. No obstacle for ambulances, busses and bicycles. Available in a module system making it quick and easy to install. Very effective and flexible, proven and tested in practice across Europe.