Mini Guard Barrier System

Mobile steel protection barrier ideally suited for the protection of construction sites. Combines two safety functions – physical and optical separation.

Mini-guard Base Only

  • 1500mm long x 500mm wide sections 505mm high.
  • 50kg weight each
  • EN1317 tested and approved by Transport Infrastructure Ireland
  • Tested to T2-A-W5
  • Short term protection

Protective function:

  • The flat road base of the barrier is designed for vehicles to drive over it.
  • In the event of an impact the vehicles own weight creates additional barrier stability. Thus helps to optimise protection with a very narrow barrier, maximising available traffic space.

Guiding Function:

  • Work zones frequently have narrow and winding traffic lanes, which require clear delineation and guidance, especially for night time or periods of poor visibility.
  • Mini-guard is equipped with barrier reflectors at the top and bottom, making further road markings unnecessary.


Mini-guard c/w Pedestrian Fence

  • Pedestrian fence 1500mm long x 600mm high
  • Used where the contractor needs access over the fence for loading etc.
  • Also used for events where public needs a view over the barrier






Mini-guard c/w Site Fence

  • Site Fence 3000mm long x 1200mm high up to 1900mm high fence panels available
  • Offers site security to provide site safety preventing general public from access, while the bases provide traffic protection.







Services & Hire

  • We provide a hire and installation service.
  • Quick response times.
  • 24 hour 7 days a week for emergency call out service.