Information Display Units

Information Display Boards can be used in many different ways to present information in an effective manner.

  • Tourist information displays with maps or descriptions of local areas
  • Local parishes, sports clubs or schools displaying local news
  • Hospitality or entertainment industry displaying upcoming events
  • Advertising offers within a business.
  • Restaurant displaying menu information with inbuilt lighting.

Information Display Units are fabricated from extruded aluminium. A 4mm polycarbonate sheet is placed over face of unit, which has an inbuilt UV filter and also protects against vandalism. The Display Unit can be wall or post mounted. Post-mounted units are fixed to two support posts.

Units can be fitted onto:

  1. Standard steel posts
  2. Decorative steel posts, with cast aluminium shell and ball/A-cap tops
  3. With or without headboard.
  4. Recycled plastic units

Full unit and posts receive a stove enamelled powder coat paint finish. Panel details are digitally oriented on a vinyl sheet and laminated onto an aluminium plate. The map plate is fixed into the extruded aluminium frame.

Highway Safety Developments Ltd offer a full in-house design facility. Our experienced personnel are available to visit and survey the location, assess the promoters’ requirements and offer solutions.

We also offer a full installation service.  ie. Excavation of base, pouring of concrete foundation and erect of Display Unit.

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