Information Display Units & Map Signs

We offer a number of different options for Information Display Units

Galvanised Steel Information Display Unit: Decorative or Minimalist and also Recycled Plastic Information Display Units.

Information Display Unit Steel

Product information

Information/Map display units are manufactured from extruded aluminium and are available single or double sided. A 4mm polycarbonate sheet is fitted over face of unit which has an inbuilt UV filter and also protects map face from vandalism. Display case is mounted onto two support posts. Posts are galvanised circular hollow steel section, 76 mm Ø running full length, fitted with ornate cast aluminium shell and ball top.

Full unit and posts receive a stove enamelled powder coat paint finish.

The map details are digitally printed on a vinyl sheet and laminated onto an aluminium plate to give a 5-7 year guarantee. However from our experience these usually outlive their guaranteed life. The map plate is fixed into the extruded aluminium frame. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.


  • We offer different types of pole caps, for example the ball top cap or the A cap. We also manufacture a cross top for units in church and cemetery settings.
  • Colours are specific to your requirement and can be matched to existing signage.
  • We also manufacture a standard map sign which is similar to above but has a plain box frame finish and is considerably cheaper than the decorative maps. Again the frames are galvanised and stove enamelled.
  • Where required wall mounted display boards are available.
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Information Display Unit Recycled Plastic

Product Information:

Support Frame and canopy are fabricated from Recycled plastic material
Plastic is manufactured from High Quality Reprocessed Polyolefines dyed through with UV resistant pigments.
Panel display sizes:
Available in A1 portrait or landscape and A0 landscape.
Can be single or double sided.


Advantages of using Recycled Plastic:

• ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL Reduces the strain on landfills, is sustainably environmentally friendly
• Recyclable in the material cycle
• Water neutral and non-toxic
• Weather-resistant
• Splinter-free, therefore low risk of injury
• Resistant to oils, brines, acids, and salt water
• Low maintenance and service costs
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Additional Services

We provide the following additional services:

Survey: Where required we offer a surveying service to facilitate the promoter in all aspects of map signage and related products. We visit and survey the location, assess the promoters’ requirements and offer solutions. This service is available in conjunction with the above mentioned products and is particularly important to map and plaque information signage.


Design: We offer a full in house design facility


Installation: Full installation service i.e. excavation of base and pouring of concrete foundation etc.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.